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Arabi Islami IIAB Pay is a modern contactless payment bundle that contains Wearables, E-sticker, and all Arabi Islami Contactless debit and credit cards.
Arabi Islami offers a special saving’s account to the future generation so they learn at an early age the importance of saving money. Enjoy the amazing features of the account and achieve your...
"Shop and Ship" is an international shipping service powered by Aramex, it enables you to shop around the world using 32 global addresses and delivers your online shopping to your doorstep with...
IIAB offers an easy financing with flexible terms and features for your wedding needs based on Islamic Murabaha for jewelers, banquet hall, travel, furniture, and home appliances; also you are...


Arabi Islami launched “Sumu”, a new savings account for kids which allows...

IIAB signed MOU with The Ministry of Education for providing Sharia...

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Updated On 20/10/2021
  • AUD: Low 0.52 - High 0.543
  • CAD: Low 0.565 - High 0.585
  • CHF: Low 0.754 - High 0.781
  • EUR: Low 0.814 - High 0.838
  • GBP: Low 0.967 - High 0.991
  • JOD: Low 1 - High 1
  • KWD: Low 2.319 - High 2.382
  • QAR: Low 0.19 - High 0.197
  • SAR: Low 0.187 - High 0.19
  • SEK: Low 0.08 - High 0.084
  • USD: Low 0.708 - High 0.71

The most secure way to access our website is to print www.iiabank.com.jo , please disregard any other link .

  • IIABANK never asks its customers to provide/update their personal or confidential information like Usernames / passwords , credit card data or any kind of private customers' data via telephones, emails ,or any other means of communications. 
  • Do not Share your passwords and access codes
  • Do not Use default passwords, names and dictionary words.

If you receive a suspicious e-mail or SMS message that appears to be from Islamic International Arab Bank:

  • Do not respond to the message, or click on any of its links.
  • Report to us immediately by calling 080022633 or sending an e-mail to : Info.ecomplaints@IIABANK.COM.JO

Because we keen to provide the finest FinTech we offer Arabi Islami Visa Debit with high security features which enables you to

Joint Investments Accounts (the percentages depend on term and amount of the deposit)
Investments Commodity Accounts