Sukuk and Investment

IIAB is one of the leading banks in Jordan  in offering all services and solutions for Sukuk issuance and investment in Jordan.

Version Management:

Consultation services for clients who are looking for Islamic finance through Sukuk

  • Diversification of funding sources
  • Underwriting for creditworthy entities enables them to have finance within easy terms.
  • Sharia compliant  Sukuk offers source of liquidity and growth for Islamic capital market in Jordan    


The Bank offers Sharia compliant Custody Financial service Instruments.

Types of instruments:

  • Issued and guaranteed by the Government of Jordan.
  • Corporate Sukuk in local capital market in currency of JOD and USD.

The secretary of the issuance:

  • The Bank offers saving custodian for local market's Sukuk  issuers  in JOD and USD, this service guarantees for Sukuk holders Integrity of applying terms and conditions of Prospectus                  


Contact IIAB treasury and investment at:

Fax: 00962-6-5694687

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