Arabi Islami Mobile

Arabi Islami Mobile, a new world of digital banking at your smartphone to keep in touch with the bank and be up-to-date with banks promotions and campaigns

Now! You can enable quick access through biometric features. 


You can subscribe now through the following steps:

  • Get our New Arabi Islami mobile application through your phone's store or use this link (tap here) 
  • Tap on (Register) 
  • Enter your Debit Card 16 digits and the PIN 
  • Enter SMS-received OTP  
  • Create your username and the password  

Account services:

You can manage your accounts through:

  • View accounts balance at a glance, then select any for more details 
  • Retrieve financial transactions (up to 12 Months) 
  • Search for transactions through type/amount/date 
  • Share account details through other Apps    



Effortlessly you can transfer funds between your accounts, other Arabi Islami customers, local banks, and foreign banks.

Card services:

You can manage your Debit cards by:

  • Viewing POS and ATM transactions through your cards
  • Setting daily usage limits
  • Enabling/disabling your Debit Card
  • Enabling/disabling Internet shopping feature 



You can pay your bills and dues 24/7, you can also use bulk payment for up to five bills for each transaction


Upon your registration on CliQ service, you can instantly send and receive funds within certain limits for free from/to other CliQ customers:

Main CliQ services: 

  • Sending payment requests
  • Accept/decline receive a transfer request
  • Full/partial Refund of received transfer amount  

CliQ service registration:

  • Tap on CliQ service from App main page or Payment and transfer menu
  • Select your “Alias” to be linked to your account
  • Select an account for receiving funds      



tap here now to download the new Arabi Islami Mobile Application