Top Management

Mr. Iyad Asali

General Manager

Date of Appointment: 01/03/2011

Date of Birth: 1966

Qualifications: Master's degree in Management from the American University in Cairo


  • Over 33 years of bank experience in various managerial and executive positions
  • Board of Director of the Postal Saving Fund of Jordan.
  • The Jordan Strategy Forum.
  • The Jordanian Businessmen Association & the Federation of Arab Businessmen.
  • CAFRAJ (the French Jordanian Chamber of Commerce).
  • WUAB (World Union of Arab Bankers).


Dr. Mohsen Fayez Abu Awad

Chief Business and Investment Officer

Date of Appointment: 28/08/2005

Date of Birth: 1963

Qualifications: PhD in Banking


  • Over 33 in the field of Banking Facilities in Islamic banks.


Belal Issa Mustafa

Chief Support and Operations Officer

Date of Appointment: 01/12/2009

Date of Birth: 1970

Qualifications: Bachelor degree in Accounting 


  • More than 28 years in the field of Banking



Mr. Ishaq Khalil Qandeel

Chief Credit Officer

Date of Appointment: 15/07/2007

Date of Birth: 1972

Qualifications: Bachelor degree in Accounting


  • Over 25 years in the field of Banking


Mr. Abbas Jamal Marei

Chief Finance Officer

Date of Appointment: 02/05/2006

Date of Birth: 1975

Qualifications: Master's degree in Islamic Banking


  • More than 25 years in the Financial and Accounting field and Financial Management in banks.


Mr. Abedalkareem Ersan Sukari

Head of Risk Division

Date of Appointment: 06/11/2007

Date of Birth: 1976

Qualifications: Master's degree in Economics


  • More than 24 years in the field of Risk Management.


Mr. Salim Asad Taber

Head of Human Resources Division

Date of Appointment: 20/11/2000

Date of Birth: 1978

Qualifications: Bachelor degree in Economics


  • More than 22 years in various Administrative fields and Human Resources.


Mr. Husameddin Ahmad Salah

Legal Consultant/ Head of Legal Department

Date of Appointment: 11/09/2005

Date of Birth: 1966

Qualifications: Bachelor degree in Law with practice license


  • Experience in Legal Consultation for public and private financial institutions for 27 years.


Mr. Hamdi T. Almahmoud

Head of Audit division

Date of Appointment: 05/07/2009

Date of Birth: 1965

Qualifications: Bachelor degree in Banking


  • More than 33 years in the field of Credit Facilities and Banking Operations and Internal Auditing.


Mr. "Mohammad Bashar" "Mohammad Moneer" Al Sarraj

Head of Regulatory Compliance Dept.

Date of Appointment: 02/09/2012

Date of Birth: 1963

Qualifications: Bachelor degree in Business Administration/ CAMS/CORE


  • More than 33 years in the fields of Banking, Regulatory Compliance, Anti-money Laundry, Terrorist Financing, and Operational Risk Management.  


Dr. Omar Mustafa Alsharif

Sharia Audit Manager/ Sharia Board Secretary

Date of Appointment: 11/05/2008

Date of Birth: 1978

Qualifications: PhD. In Fiqeh


  • More than 18 years in the fields of Audit, Sharia Controlling, Academia, and Research