ACH Direct Debit

Arabi Islami offers you ACH (Automated Clearing House) Direct Debit.

ACH Direct Debit is a new payment method by which you can authorize your bank, Arabi Islami, to transfer money from your accounts to other beneficiaries account with Arabi Islami or any other local bank. You can also authorize us to debit other clients accounts and receive money in your favor.


What is ACH direct Debit?     

When you have recurring payments to be paid by you or in your favor and instead of checks, individual transfers, or cash deposits, you can sign ACH Direct Debit form as a Payer or as a Payee together with the counter party. The Payments will be processed automatically to debit or credit your account with Arabi Islami as the case may be. The receiving bank will handle the processing.

ACH Direct Debit has many benefits and advantages some of which:

  • It saves time and money

  • It is the electronic alternative for checks and cash payments

  • It can only be revoked by the approval of both the account party and the beneficiary.

  • You can set start date, end date, total amount, and transaction amount

  • You can choose payment periodicity (daily, weekly, monthly….)   

  • The authorization form is unified country wide ow ACH Direct Debit works?

  • Payer:   The entity that authorizes the cash outflow (the debit of its account)

  • Payer Bank:   The bank of the payer who executes the payment from their customer account

  • Payee:   The beneficiary receiving the transfer (cash inflow)

  • Payee Bank:   The bank receiving the funds from the payer bank in favor of the Payee  

  • When two parties agree to use ACH Direct Debit as a payment method:

  • Get ACH Direct Debit form from here or from any other Arabi Islami branch

  • Fill the form keeping in mind the above definitions. 

  • Read and Accept the terms and conditions 

  • The payer signs the form using authorized bank signature

  • The payee signs the form using authorized bank signature

  • The payee presents the form to payee bank.

  • Payee bank communicate electronically through ACH with the Payer bank

  • The Payer bank verifies the instructions and executes the transfer and the future payment instructions as stipulated in the signed and agreed upon form.


Terms and conditions applied