IIAB's profit reached 46.7 in 2018
Thu 04 April 2019


Islamic International Arab Bank’s general assembly of shareholders meeting held on 03/04/2019 presided over by Mr. "Mohammed Said" Mohammed Shahin Chairman of the Board of Directors and was attended by the board of directors' members,  Bank’s Sharia Board, the representative of the Companies Control Department, the external auditor, and the representative of the Central Bank of Jordan.

Mr. Shahin announced The financial results for the year ending 31/12/2018 showed an increase in the Bank’s profit after taxes reached JD 32 million against JD 29 million in 2017; and Total Assets amounted to JD 2.159 billion against JD 2.052 billion, and Total direct credit facilities amounted to JD 1.400 billion against JD 1.277 billion; achieving a growth of 10% from the previous year, Customer deposits (included restricted deposits) recorded JD 2.133 billion against JD 1. 967 billion; a growth rate 8%.

Mr. Shahin said that Total owners' equity reached JD 194 million in 2018 against JD 175 million in 2017; a 11% growth.

And he added that revenue and performance indicators increased compared to 2017, whereas ROA increased to 1.5%, ROE 16.4%, and the capital adequacy ratio (CAR) reached 18.9% which exceeds the Central Bank's requirements, and general assembly of shareholders approved the balance sheet, the financial statements, and the Board of Directors’ report.