Arabi Islami credit card is the best Islamic credit card in 2017
Thu 16 November 2017

Cambridge of Analytic which is affiliated to Cambridge University announced that Arabi Islami credit card issued by the Islamic International Arab Bank as the winner for the best Islamic credit card Award in 2017 at its 3rd Islamic retail Awards Gala dinner (IRBA) held in Dubai on 14/11/2017.

The critics and experts in the Judges’ panel considered Arabi Islami credit card as the best for 2017, because it’s the first truncated Islamic card in Jordan and the region that is based on a non-interest bearing loan (Qard Hasan). There was a high percentage growth in its holders and thus achieved a global reputation.

Dr. Mohsen Abu Awad, Head of business and investment in IIAB received the award on behalf of the bank.

The group also named Mr. Iyad Asali as IRBA CEA of the year 2017 in the Islamic banking field due to the successes achieved by the bank in terms of growth, evolution of market share, and the contributions made by Mr. Asali in promoting the culture of innovation and creativity in Islamic retail banking.