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eFAWATEERcom Service

* About eFawateercom:

eFawateercom System enables users to make payments electronically, under the supervision of Central Bank of Jordan. The

Bill Payment Service with eFawateercom:

Following the Islamic International Arab Bank’s strategy to provide convenient banking solutions, eFawateercom enables customers to inquire about and pay their bills through available electronic channels.

* eFawateercom Benefits:

1.       Convenience, easy access and security.

2.       Saves time and effort.

3.       Easy payment installments (depending on the billing party’s conditions).

4.       Every customer has a personal profile with all the subscriptions and/or bills and/or other payments, to facilitate inquiry using a registration number only, with no paper bills .

5.       Reviewing all payments whether paid  through the bank or other parties.

6.       Immediate payments to avoid cancellation of service.

7.       Easy payment process for non IIAB customers without the need for a bank account.

8.       No fees are required in exchange for using this service with the exception of governmental fees. Upon inquiry, users can see the original bill value and the amount of fees added.

Guide for online banking service subscribers:

* Registration:

Account (file) setup:

1.       Log into IIAB online banking service.

2.       Click on the eFawateercom tab on top of the home page.

3.       Click on “My Profile” and create a “File” for your bills.

4.       Click on the sign up link to show the information saved on the Bank’s system. This

Information requires review by the user  as per  the following:

-          If all information is correct, click on “send request” to move to the next step.

-          If main information is missing, it is marked with (*), users should stop the sign up process and correct their information at our branch.

-          If other information is missing or incorrect, users can continue the sign up process and correct it later on at our branch.

5.       If all information is correct, click on “send request” to move to the next step.

6.       A message will appear announcing your request success, and  providing  file number.

* Add/ delete subscription number (to inquire about and pay bills):

1.       To add subscription numbers directly after the file setup, click on “continue” then “add subscription number,” and fill in the fields required.

2.       To add subscription numbers for the same or different service providers, apply the first step as mentioned above.

3.       To add an account later on, click on “my file”, then “add subscription number”, and fill in the fields required, then “send request”.

4.       To delete a subscription number, click on “my file”, select the subscription number you want to delete, click on “delete subscription number”.

* Billing payments:

1.       Click on the eFawateercom list.

2.       Choose the Bill Payment option.

3.       Fill in the required fields.

4.       Click on recovery to show all billing information.

5.       To pay your bill, click on “pay bill”.

6.       Fill in your account information.

7.       Click on “send request”, wait for an “action successfully completed” message

Users can pay any bill without adding it to their files


* Payment Inquiries:

1.       Click on the eFawateercom list.

2.       Click on Payment Log.

3.       Fill in the required fields.

4.       Click on recovery to show all payments.