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Phone Banking Services Terms and Conditions:

1.    The bank provides the customer with detailed instructions about the phone banking service through the bank’s website or the user manual of the service or by any suitable means, the customer should follow these instructions carefully while using the service, the customer acknowledges that he / she has reviewed and understood the service work mechanism, and that any information provided by the bank are for guidance only.


2.    The Bank reserves the right to add, delete or vary the scope of Phone Banking Services and any of the terms and conditions herein from time to time as the Bank in its absolute discretion thinks fit.


3.    The Bank shall be entitled to levy charges, fees, expenses, tariffs and such other amounts at such rates to be determined by the Bank from to time for the Customer's use of Phone Banking Services. Details of all current charges, fees, expenses, tariffs and such other amount levied by the Bank are available at the branches of the Bank or at the Bank's official website.


4.    The primary Visa Electron card's number and the card's pin number are both used to enter to the phone banking service (financial and non-financial services).


5.    The primary Visa Electron card’s number and the card’s pin number are considered as identification method to determine the identity of the customer on phone banking system, any transaction has been done using these means will be considered as to be done by the customer, the bank will considered any person using these means to be the customer, also the customer will be responsible for all transactions which will be executed using his / her means of identification and to be  responsible for any change or lost or move of any of these means to others until the time the bank could stop the service upon customer’s written request.


6.    The Customer shall be liable and be bound by these terms and conditions both jointly and severally when the Accounts are opened in joint names.


7.    The service will be suspended when terminating the primary Visa Electron card either permanently or temporarily or if the card expired.


8.    If the customer inserts the Visa Electron card's pin number incorrectly for three successive times; phone banking service will be suspended, the  customer  can  refer to one of the bank’s to apply for re-activation of the services.


9.    The Bank has the right to partially withhold / stop the service for any period without prior notice to the customer and without giving any reasons. The customer will be informed if the bank withholds / stop the service completely.


10. If the customer has doubts that his / her accounts are being manipulated by another person through the service or there are doubts that his / her primary Visa Electron card's number and the card's pin number has been revealed by a third party; then the customer has to refer to one of the bank’s branches to inform the bank in writing about the case or call Arabi Islami Customer Service Center during the working hours to ask for suspend the phone banking service.

The customer remains responsible for all amounts arising from misuse of Visa Electron card's number and the card's pin number until the date of inform the bank in writing.


11. The customer can ask to stop the phone banking service permanently/ temporarily, the customer can also ask to reactivate the service; this can be done by refer to one of the bank’s branches and sign the related forms.


12.  The bank has the right to use the information related to the customer internally, to provide the customer with information about the services available in the bank.


13.  Customer acknowledges that the bank is not responsible for any damages, losses or costs may be incurred by the customer as a result of disruption or modification of this service or non-implementation of the process for any reason or cancel the service permanently , or any error in the information that may be obtained.


14.  The bank will not bearing any responsibility in the case of irregular of service or stop the service or inaccuracy of the information given through the service for any reason beyond the control of the bank.


15.  The customer will bear the whole responsibility that may arise as a result of debit his / her account / accounts when using the financial services available through phone banking service, as well as any responsibility that may arise as a result of any error when transferring any amount and/or amounts for the account of any other customer.


16.  The Bank has the right to correct errors that occur in the electronic transfers without prior authorization from the customer, if these errors are related to reverse an amount or a part of it, even if it had already been wrongly credited to or debited on the customer account.


17. The bank is not holding any responsibility for any damages that may occur to the customer as a result of lack of commitment to take precautions when calling the service through a public telephone / mobile phone in a public place or the use of devices which are not his or hers.


18. Despite the use of the available security means by the bank to have the protection against  the risk of opening up communication networks  (phones, mobile phones, and the Internet), is that the bank is not responsible for any damage that may be occur to the customer as a result of the risks associated with the use of these networks. And that the customer is solely responsible for all risks arising from the use of the service.


I hereby declare that I have reviewed the instructions and terms and conditions of the phone  banking service of Islamic International Arab Bank mentioned above and understand  their content, the continuance in access to the service; will be considered that I have reviewed, understand  and accept  their content, without prejudice to the right of the bank in amend all the  content of these  instructions and terms and conditions or any part of them at any time without prior notice and without giving reasons and considered the amendment is effective against me after the bank's announcement about the new amendments or notify  the customer by the means approved by the Bank.