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Frequently Asked Question


Question 1:

How can I open an account at the Islamic International Arab Bank?


 Our Customers can open accounts with any of our current branches that are available in many regions of the Hashemite Kingdom of Jordan and which addresses are available on our web site. You can contact the required branch by telephone or mail and we'll provide you with the required information, forms and documents needed to open an account.


Question 2:

 How can  I transfer my money to the Islamic International Arab Bank?


 You can transfer money to your account at the Islamic International Arab Bank by sending outward transfer form from any bank in your region to your account at IIAB. Note that the bank's SWIF number is (IIBAJOAM200).


Question 3:

Can I transfer money from my personal account at the Islamic International Arab Bank to my other personal account in any other country or region where I currently live at?


You can do this process by filling outward transfer form, also you can do so through internet banking.

Question 4:

I want to inquire about the phone banking service , how can I apply for this service, and how much does it cost me?


We are pleased to inform you that the Islamic International Arab Bank provides this service free of charge  and it's working over 24 hours a day as a part of our electronic services. And this service provides Account Balance Inquire, Summery of your accounts via telephone or fax or by email, last ten transactions on your account, request a statement of account and checkbook, transfer funds between accounts, inquire about the prices of the currencies against the U.S. dollar and to inquire about the price of foreign currencies against the local currency.

Question 5:

Can we own a house with The Islamic International Arab Bank?


You can have your own home with The Islamic International Arab Bank within the following conditions and benefits:

  • Competitive, Shariah-compliant rental rates
  • Generous lease period up to 25 years
  • Easy monthly installments
  • Free Mutual Exchange Insurance Program for home and life.
  • Opportunity to obtain financing to purchase a kitchen or furniture
  • The bank commits to transfer the ownership of the apartment, real estate, or rented asset upon full payment

Question 6:

What are the currency accepted by the Islamic International Arab Bank to open an account beyond the Jordanian dinars? 


All currencies are accepted for the current accounts.
For investment accounts (Saving, Joint investment and Specialized Investment) the bank accepts to open such account with U.S Dollars, Euro and Pound Sterling.

Question 7:

What are the official working hours to receive the bank's clients?


Sunday to Thursday, starting at 8:30 AM to 3:00 PM.

Question 8:

What is the minimum amount to open a current account / saving / deposit Accounts at the bank?


The minimum amount for the current account is 200 Jordanian dinars /200 U.S Dollars / or euro or sterling.

Savings Account: 300 Jordanian dinars/300 U.S Dollars / or euro or sterling.

Joint Investment Account (term):  5000 Jordanian Dinars / 7000 U.S Dollars / or euro or sterling.

The Specialized Investment accounts: $7000 USD or Euros or Pounds Sterling.